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Feb 02, 2007
The following document is the designed version of the final Strategic Plan of OCAD supplied for public distribution. Student Forum 2006 results are in the Appenidx G referring to the added paragraphs within the document on the student body upon the Forum's completion.

Jan 07, 2007
Welcome to the new year. Let's hope for the brightest future for OCAD. There is a final version of the Strategic Plan available upon request. Please email Ghazaleh ( for a copy, and if you are a student, there should be a copy of it sent to your student emails.

Here is a video clip for discussion on communications issues at OCAD.

Dec 30, 2006
Read Ghazaleh's moving speech at OCAD's Board of Governor's meeting on December 4

Dec 18, 2006
Here is the document you've all been waiting for. This will be added as an Appendix to the Strategic Plan to outline all the concerns, issues and ideas that were mentioned during the 5 sessions of the Student Forum in November.
Student Forum Results

Dec 5, 2006

At the Board of Governors meeting last night Sara Diamond began by addressing the importance of student concerns and their value for being included and identified within the plan. She explained her adjustments to the Board and then introduced Ghazaleh to let her speak about the reflection from the Student Forum results.

After the speech, the room was moved. The discussions that came up after were all related to the student concerns and faculty were speaking up. Members on the Board congratulated Ghazaleh for speaking for the students and finally getting the student voice involved. They had finally heard the impact from a student. It was a great night. All student issues are pretty well administrative issues. The members on the Board are very student-pro. They should not be percieved as people who care about themselves and not the school. The members are very well part of the school.

There are many issues we are faced with here and now that the students have been heard, many discussions can easily be brought up by any member with respects to student needs. It's less tense now.

Sara Diamond has agreed to attach the Student Forum final document as an Appendix to be part of the Strategic Plan to clarify the points made in the paragraphs she has written.

There is documented political proof of us now.

Mission accomplished.

Let this serve as a lesson to the student body for having a constructive and well-rounded approach to solving problems.

Dec 4, 2006
On the finale session - which was a great success yet again - the final catagories of concerns for addressing to the board were:

1) Insufficient Funds
2) Ineffective Communications Services and it's affect on Student Experience
3) Improvement on Curriculum and Education
4) General Student Concerns

Upon the completion of results, Ghazaleh Etezal compiled a write-up with supporting documents of all results from all sessions with clear objective and statements of purpose.

On November 30, Ghazaleh and Jasper met with Sara Diamond along with a few other highly engaged students. Sara Diamond was very happy with the results and read the document with checkmarks beside almost every issue. She was nodding her head and agreeing it all the concerns that we have.

The main issue here was that in the Strategic Plan, there was not a definition of what students wanted. The results from this forum, as Sara agreed were highly valueable to making a better Strategic Plan and not as crypted as it was before.

Here is the NEW STRATEGIC PLAN with major additions added in italics. Please take the time to see how much of our voice is there now.

Nov 26, 2006
Interviews from Session 4:
Carrie Young
Third Year, Criticism & Curatorial Practice (CRCP)
Vitaly Alexius
Second Year, Illustration:
switched from Industrial Design

Nov 25, 2006
Where is this money?

Nov 24, 2006
Please read (pdf) pages 71 and 72 of the Strategic Plan (69,70 document)
Many of our issues with facilities and space shortage should not be finger pointed at the Administration. They are because we have a lack of funding from the government due to "deferred maintenance", which is an issue for every university in Onatrio. We cannot accuse before we know more information. We must approach positively with well rounded knowledge of their situtation and then let them know how big the issues are and how much we need to prioritize them. We must show that this is affecting the student body more than any other university and that our voice is critical to be heard by the government if need be for action. We must present ourselves as a powerful stregth for support to make a better OCAD - together.
Click here to read some more about the maintenance deferral issue.

Nov 23, 2006
Session 3 and 4 brought forth many new ideas and concerns. Again, many proactive students were involved and ideas were exchanged. You could feel the energy in the room. It was another productive night.

Anticipate the next email. If you are not on the mailing list, please email for new information regarding this forum. Conclusions and outline for TUESDAY NOVEMBER 28 MEETING will be emailed. There are many political aspects at play here. We shall prepare for the meeting with President Sara Diamond next week. Updates on the significance of this event will be emailed to you all.

Do not underestimate our voice and our position.

November 20, 2006
Interviews from Session 2:
Hannah Smit
Second Year, Advertising
Lee Vosburgh
Second Year, Advertising
Big Ideas at OCAD Blog
Mary McIntyre
Second year, Material Arts and Design
Paul Wilcken
Second year, Graphic Design

November 16, 2006
Interviews from Session 1:
Iman Thabit
Third Year, Environmental Design
Samantha Bryan
Second Year, Advertising:
hoping to switch into Graphic Design
Mathew Chan
Third Year, Industrial Design:
hoping to switch into Graphic Design

November 15, 2006
The second session of the Student Forum brought forth many new ideas and raised even more critical issues that were not mentioned in the first session. Numerous statements were repeated from last night which emphasizes them even more, hence making them crucial.

Two Think Tank students form Martha Ladly's class brought forth their class project called BIG IDEAS at OCAD (BIO) promoting Green space and community. The interview with Mary McIntyre and Paul Wilkens will be uploaded soon. Think Tank classrooms were the highlight of the night and genius solutions were brought up.

Thank you again to the phenomenal, passionate, proactive, people who were involved. It is crunch time for us all but your participation should be highly acknowledged by all OCADians because you served as their voice. You came out and believed in this event and it's success will be a result of your contribution. Spread the word and continue to speak out.

Next week will be critical perspectives on Art faculty. Art students...come out and speak! They won't know what's wrong if you don't tell a formal documented way. Students from all majors are welcome. This is a highly social event. Students left feeling that they finally got a chance to see other faces outside of their classrooms, talking and engaging. It was an enriching experience for all.

November 14, 2006
The first session was a great success. Many issues were addressed and a lot of creative solutions and ideas were brought up in each small group. On the right are (in blue) the issues and (in yellow) the ideas that we came up with as our final group discussion. It was a very productive night and students were highly engaged within their groups. The variety of students, their majors and year of study stregthened the discussions and required collaborative decision-making.

The structure of the forum was very successful and the categorization of topics was very helpful to organizing thoughts. The night was documented on video and clips will soon be uploaded. There will also be an overview updated on the sessions page with photos. So check the site regularly or come out and get involved! Thank you to all who came out tonight and share your experience with others and encourage them to participate in the sessions to come.

November 13, 2006
Upon the objective announcement of the Student Forum to the Board, Sarah Diamond has made many "Student Engagement" additions throughout the latest draft of the Strategic Plan (mainly on pages 9 and 14). See for yourself! The Forum will further develop this Plan and specify the needs of students through focus groups as well as organized group discussions.

November 7, 2006
The Student Forum event was presented today by Ghazaleh Etezal and Jasper Moester to the Board of Governors with internal support from student Board member and first-year SU Director Greg Crossley as well as president Sarah Diamond. Today's deadline for the 2006-2012 OCAD's Strategic Plan was agreed upon extension to the next month due to the relevance of information to be gathered and presented following this forum. The admnistration has willingly made the latest draft accessible to the entire student faculty.
Click here to view

Sarah Diamond is highly supportive of this initiative. So, we have a big opportunity to get our voices heard collectively by the Board. After the Plan has been set in stone, the results from this forum will be the most valuable information for the Implementation process.

Note that this is the best opportunity that we have as students to be taken seriously. Come out, participate and lets make decisions for ourselves and raise our voice and power.

There will also be a Speaker's Corner at the session where students can talk about something specific directly to the camera. If you really want to be seen and if you really believe what you say should be taken further, get your act together and come up with a good speech for the camera. Make it formal and speak! It will be documented and kept on file - perhaps selected to be shown to the Board.

Session 1 group pic
Session 1 group pic
Session 1 group pic
Session 1 group pic
Session 1 group pic